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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Higher Education

This Girl's Life

Kate the Great Danish Peach
22 February
I am a test proctor at Lewis-Clark State College. I am also a part time student, dual majoring in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. I'm very active in my local theatre community and enjoy singing, reading, and writing among other pursuits.


"Kate is awesome about respecting other views. What she doesn't like is people who don't return the courtesy.
Then, she will lay the smack down."


Graphics Credits:
Textures on icons and wallpapers are used courtesy of 77words, aconite, hanako_lovely, arisubox, big_rock_show, briarrose_icons, brushaxbrusha, bunny_icons, cae_prince, cala_jane, eightyfour__, ewanism, kurogane, graphicquandary, iroka, julia_thorne13, laluzz, liars_dance, lorien_maiden, magdalenaicons, mhari, miggy, patientalien, project_nine, raynedanser, endlessdeep, rhinestone_life, rxyangel, setsuntamew, silmarwen_85, dark_soul_lost, neke, hermintage, syndarys, wizzy, and wonderland__.

If you think I've used one of your brushes, and you haven't been given credit here, please let me know, as it is an oversight.

Textures can be found and downloaded at 100x100_brushes.

My graphics program is Photoshop Elements 10.

Lost images found at Lost Media.

Buffy and Angel images (usually) found at Buffy World, Dusk Til Dawn, and Buffy's Domain of Delight.

Stop Ignorance— Support Sex Ed

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