Kate the Great Danish Peach (miss_katelynne) wrote,
Kate the Great Danish Peach


I'm back in school. The second week just started and already things are off to a great start!

This semester I'm taking Vietnam, in interdisciplinary ethics course, and Writing for a Digital Audience. That second class is what brought me back here. We had to write an introductory essay where we discussed our previous experience with social media. I mentioned that I had kept a LiveJournal for 8 years and decided I needed to go back a read it. That was intriguing! It was like reading someone else's story, but all the stuff had happened to me.

It struck me that I really missed it.

I have to keep a blog for my Digital Writing class but I decided to keep it separate from this one. There's just too much personal stuff here for a school assignment.

I had to write an introductory post and take a quiz about our reading for last week and I've received my grades back for both of them. So far I have 100%! That may not last since I haven't really gotten fully into the subject and related assignments. But, I'm determined to do well.
Tags: grades, school, vietnam, writing for a digital audience
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