Kate the Great Danish Peach (miss_katelynne) wrote,
Kate the Great Danish Peach

Think About This ...

Have you seen this video that's been going viral? It's a young man, named Jonah Mowry. He's in 8th grade this year and he's hurting. Why? Because he is bullied. Maybe he's gay, maybe he isn't. That doesn't matter. What matters is that his classmates call him names that indicate they perceive him that way. If you have not seen the video here it is:

Did you cry? Did you at least tear up? Did you feel anything?

A guy in New York named Jonathan felt something. He felt enough to make his own video responding to Jonah's video. Here's his response:

Feel anything yet?

For those of you who a) felt nothing, or b) felt repulsion or hate, please remember this:

These are human beings. Jonah and Jonathan are someone's children. They are someone's friends. There are people who love them. I don't even know them and I love them. Why?

Because they are human beings and they deserve nothing less.
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