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My Character Meme - completed, finally!

I was really hoping more people would participate, but I'll just go ahead and complete this. Here's the list of my fandom characters!

1. Prince Arthur

2. Merlin

3. Amy Pond

4. The Doctor

5. River Song

6. Steve McGarrett

7. Danny Williams

8. Richard Castle

9. Kate Beckett

10. Captain Jack Harkness

11. Aiden the Vampire

12. Josh the Werewolf

13. Sally the Ghost

14. Sherlock Holmes

15. John Watson

All from speccygeekgrrl:

1, 5, 9 and 14 form a band. Who plays what and what are their songs about? What's the name of the song they dedicate to 13?

Prince Arthur, River Song, Kate Beckett, and Sherlock Holmes start a band called, Prince Arthur and The Other Guys, because, well, he's going to be KING and he said so. Arthur sings and plays lead guitar, River plays bass, Beckett is on drums, Sherlock plays violin. They play rock/jazz fusion. The song they dedicate to Sally the Ghost is called, "Where'd You Go, My Sweet Girl".

2, 7 and 11 are taking a class taught by 15. What's the class? Who's the teacher's pet? Who flunks the midterm?

Merlin, Danny Williams, and Aiden the Vampire are taking a class taught by John Watson called "Using Medicine in a World of Mystery". Merlin is acing the course, using magic and a little help from Gaius's textbooks. Aiden is getting by, because he's lived long enough to learn most of this stuff already and he works as a nurse. He doesn't always make it to class, however, because of his complicated personal life. Danny Williams fails miserably because he just doesn't get why he "has to take this stupid class anyway, what does it have to do with police work?!" Danny is also taking an elective course from John Watson called "Dealing With a Partner Who Always Has to Do Things His Way" and is passing that class with the highest marks in the class. Merlin is Watson's pet, because he's just so darn likable and has an enthusiasm for learning.

3 and 10 throw a surprise birthday party for 12. Who do they invite? What's the theme? Does it go well or is it a fiasco?

Amy Pond and Captain Jack Harkness throw a surprise birthday party for Josh the Werewolf. They invite Sally and Aiden of course, and Josh's girlfriend Nora. The neighbors in their Boston neighborhood are invited, but Josh isn't happy about that because it's getting close to being a full moon. The theme is Monster Mash, which Aiden finds hilarious, but irks Josh to no end. Things go okay, until Sally gets tired of people walking through her and sets off a frenzy of house shaking. Captain Jack then wishes he could see this ghost, because he'd "show her how to really shake a house". Amy just shakes her head at him.

4 goes all out to woo 6. What's their strategy? And why is 8 jealous?

The Doctor goes all out to woo Steve McGarrett by taking him for a moonlit ride on the Tardis to Planet 1 to see the oldest cliff face in the world. He realizes the mistake in doing that when he opens the door of the Tardis and sees River's "Hello Sweetie" is still/already emblazoned in the cliff face. Of course, River is jealous, not because the Doctor is wooing someone else - that she could handle - but because he didn't even "have the sense to take Steve to a time BEFORE she'd carved her message!", even after he points out "there really isn't anything earlier than the Dawn of Time".
Tags: being human, castle, doctor who, fandom, hawaii 5-0, meme, merlin, sherlock
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