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I'm back in school. The second week just started and already things are off to a great start!

This semester I'm taking Vietnam, in interdisciplinary ethics course, and Writing for a Digital Audience. That second class is what brought me back here. We had to write an introductory essay where we discussed our previous experience with social media. I mentioned that I had kept a LiveJournal for 8 years and decided I needed to go back a read it. That was intriguing! It was like reading someone else's story, but all the stuff had happened to me.

It struck me that I really missed it.

I have to keep a blog for my Digital Writing class but I decided to keep it separate from this one. There's just too much personal stuff here for a school assignment.

I had to write an introductory post and take a quiz about our reading for last week and I've received my grades back for both of them. So far I have 100%! That may not last since I haven't really gotten fully into the subject and related assignments. But, I'm determined to do well.
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Well, well, well ... look what the cat dragged in.

So, hi! I can't believe I haven't been here for 3 years! What'd I miss?

A lot has happened in the last three years. Landon graduated from high school and moved out of the house. He's working in the stockroom at Macy's (thankfully the one he works for is not closing!) and shares an apartment across the river with a kid named Austin. Austin will be moving to Oregon soon, so another friend, Michael, will be moving in soon.

Josh is now 13 and very quiet. He plays the saxophone in the middle school band and tends to hide out in his room most of the time. He's a picky eater and pretty much lives off of chicken nuggets and Top Ramen. He spends most of his free time playing Minecraft -- a game I do not understand.

Jack is 11 and is the opposite of his brother. Where Josh is quiet and reserved, Jack is loud and boisterous. If Josh is picky, Jack is anything but. He loves to cook and makes dinner for the family once or twice a week. He has his own apron and some cooking utensils. He is planning to go to culinary school when he grows up. He also plays in the elementary school band. His instrument in the trombone.

atticus_rex is still working as an attorney in Clarkston, but he has gone solo. He left his partner a few months ago and worked from home for a little while before finding a place to hang his own shingle. He's known as the "Jedi Pot Lawyer" due to his representation of one of our local pot shops and the fact that he filed a law-suit against the city on Halloween, while wearing his Jedi costume. It made the front page of our paper. It was pretty much AWESOME!

I am no longer working at Hastings. I left there when I was hired by the Testing Center at Lewis-Clark State College. I've been there a little over a year now.

While I was working at Hastings I couldn't do any theatre, because they said they couldn't "afford to give me the hours". In other words they felt they owned me. When they told me that it pretty much started my search for a new job.

Since I moved to LCSC I have rekindled friendships that had fallen by the wayside due to my hours and I've been in TWO productions with our new theatre in Clarkston, Abuzz Theatre Group. I played Sister James in Doubt: A Parable. That was intense. If you aren't familiar with it, watch the movie starring Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis. It's fantastic.

I was also in the Naughty Christmas Burlesque. Yes... I danced around in my underwear. My spotlight number was the song "My Aphrodisiac Is You". It was so much fun!!

Anyway... the latest news is that I started school (AGAIN) a week ago. I'm dual majoring in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts, a major shift from the Science track I was on previously. I'm very excited about it. The best part is because I work for the college I only pay $5.00 per credit!!

Anyone who is still around, please comment and say hi!!
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Think About This ...

Have you seen this video that's been going viral? It's a young man, named Jonah Mowry. He's in 8th grade this year and he's hurting. Why? Because he is bullied. Maybe he's gay, maybe he isn't. That doesn't matter. What matters is that his classmates call him names that indicate they perceive him that way. If you have not seen the video here it is:

Did you cry? Did you at least tear up? Did you feel anything?

A guy in New York named Jonathan felt something. He felt enough to make his own video responding to Jonah's video. Here's his response:

Feel anything yet?

For those of you who a) felt nothing, or b) felt repulsion or hate, please remember this:

These are human beings. Jonah and Jonathan are someone's children. They are someone's friends. There are people who love them. I don't even know them and I love them. Why?

Because they are human beings and they deserve nothing less.
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A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3

Take all the songs in iTunes (or your music player of choice), alphabetize them, and tell the first song of each letter.

A: A - Barenaked Ladies
B: Ba Bump - The Black Eyed Peas
C: C'est La Vie - Robbie Neville
D: D&D - Stephen Lynch
E: Earthquake - Little Boots
F: F.I.N.E. - Aerosmith
G: Gabriel - Lamb
H: Hair - Original Broadway Cast of Hair
I: I'd Do Anything For Love - Meat Loaf
J: Jack Kerouac - Jack Johnson
K: Karma - Alicia Keys
L: L.A. Song - Beth Hart
M: Mack the Knife - Robbie Williams
N: Na Na Na Na Naa - Kaiser Chiefs
O: O Fortune - Carmina Burana
P: Pain - Jimmy Eat World
Q: Que Me Quedes Tú - Shakira
R: Rabbit Heart - Florence + The Machine
S: Sad But True - Apocalyptica
T: T.M.T. - Snow Patrol
U: U + Me - Dan Black
V: Vampire - Bif Naked
W: Wait - The Beatles
X: X-Ray Style - Joe Strummer
Y: Ya Got Trouble - Robert Preston (The Music Man)
Z: Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
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My Character Meme - completed, finally!

I was really hoping more people would participate, but I'll just go ahead and complete this. Here's the list of my fandom characters!

1. Prince Arthur

2. Merlin

3. Amy Pond

4. The Doctor

5. River Song

6. Steve McGarrett

7. Danny Williams

8. Richard Castle

9. Kate Beckett

10. Captain Jack Harkness

11. Aiden the Vampire

12. Josh the Werewolf

13. Sally the Ghost

14. Sherlock Holmes

15. John Watson

All from speccygeekgrrl:

1, 5, 9 and 14 form a band. Who plays what and what are their songs about? What's the name of the song they dedicate to 13?

Prince Arthur, River Song, Kate Beckett, and Sherlock Holmes start a band called, Prince Arthur and The Other Guys, because, well, he's going to be KING and he said so. Arthur sings and plays lead guitar, River plays bass, Beckett is on drums, Sherlock plays violin. They play rock/jazz fusion. The song they dedicate to Sally the Ghost is called, "Where'd You Go, My Sweet Girl".

2, 7 and 11 are taking a class taught by 15. What's the class? Who's the teacher's pet? Who flunks the midterm?

Merlin, Danny Williams, and Aiden the Vampire are taking a class taught by John Watson called "Using Medicine in a World of Mystery". Merlin is acing the course, using magic and a little help from Gaius's textbooks. Aiden is getting by, because he's lived long enough to learn most of this stuff already and he works as a nurse. He doesn't always make it to class, however, because of his complicated personal life. Danny Williams fails miserably because he just doesn't get why he "has to take this stupid class anyway, what does it have to do with police work?!" Danny is also taking an elective course from John Watson called "Dealing With a Partner Who Always Has to Do Things His Way" and is passing that class with the highest marks in the class. Merlin is Watson's pet, because he's just so darn likable and has an enthusiasm for learning.

3 and 10 throw a surprise birthday party for 12. Who do they invite? What's the theme? Does it go well or is it a fiasco?

Amy Pond and Captain Jack Harkness throw a surprise birthday party for Josh the Werewolf. They invite Sally and Aiden of course, and Josh's girlfriend Nora. The neighbors in their Boston neighborhood are invited, but Josh isn't happy about that because it's getting close to being a full moon. The theme is Monster Mash, which Aiden finds hilarious, but irks Josh to no end. Things go okay, until Sally gets tired of people walking through her and sets off a frenzy of house shaking. Captain Jack then wishes he could see this ghost, because he'd "show her how to really shake a house". Amy just shakes her head at him.

4 goes all out to woo 6. What's their strategy? And why is 8 jealous?

The Doctor goes all out to woo Steve McGarrett by taking him for a moonlit ride on the Tardis to Planet 1 to see the oldest cliff face in the world. He realizes the mistake in doing that when he opens the door of the Tardis and sees River's "Hello Sweetie" is still/already emblazoned in the cliff face. Of course, River is jealous, not because the Doctor is wooing someone else - that she could handle - but because he didn't even "have the sense to take Steve to a time BEFORE she'd carved her message!", even after he points out "there really isn't anything earlier than the Dawn of Time".
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(no subject)

Stole from speccygeekgrrl

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f'list to post questions in the comments. For example: 'One, nine and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?' 'Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?' 'Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?' 'Write a drabble in which three and eleven fight crime.' (...possibly not technically a question.)

3) After your f'list has asked enough questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

Come on, play with me!
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